Did Melanie Griffith Do Lip Augmentation?

The rumor surrounding Melanie Griffith plastic surgery is always on the air because this woman manages to look beautiful in many events and award nominations. Public believes that she has done many plastic surgeries when she began her career as an actress in Hollywood. In her 50, she still looks beautiful and hot. She wants to make people believe that the healthy life style with combination of good genes can maintain her youthful appearance. The list of plastic surgeries that she has done include several face lifts, liposuction, lip augmentation, breast augmentation and Botox injection. However, her plastic surgery is subtle for you can see that she changes gradually, not drastically.

Melanie Griffith
Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery

About Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery

Melanie Griffith is the American actress who has appeared in many movies like “Crazy in Alabama”, “Body Double” and “The Birds”. Her role in a “Working Girl” had made her nominated in the Academy Award. His husband is the respectable and popular actor in Hollywood, Antonio Banderas. They are blessed with a baby girl even though it is the second marriage for Griffith. This woman is diagnosed with skin cancer in 2009. When talking about Melanie Griffith plastic surgery, her husband, Antonio Banderas, makes it clear that her wife has never undergone any surgery.

Melanie Griffith Lip Job Before After
Melanie Griffith Lip Job Before After

He stated that he would never let her wife do a plastic surgery. He said that there was no need for a surgery just to maintain the ageless and beautiful look. We do not know whether his statement is true or not. However, it does not make people stop talking about Melanie Griffith plastic surgery. Some people still believe that she has plastic surgeries to keep her face smooth, supple and soft. You can take a look at her weird lips. It is rumored that she has done collagen injection to remove the wrinkles on the lip area. But it turns her lips look like fish lips.

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