Hyomin T-ara Plastic Surgery

Talked about Hyomin T-ara plastic surgery is really true. When host Moon Hee Joon asked how she takes care of her beautiful appearance, she said she took care of it “furtively” and “painfully,” suggesting a surgery.

Hyomin herself admitted it, that she got plastic surgery procedures since years ago. By looking at Hyomin’s before and after plastic surgery pictures, everyone can guess that she got good results of (probably) famous and experienced Korean plastic surgeon’s works.


There is 3 procedures she has for plastic surgery, that is Hyomin Eyelid Surgery, Nose Job and Chin Surgery

  1. Hyomin Eyelid Surgery

    Member of South Korean girl group T-ara, Hyomin, went under the knife to resize and reshape her eyelid. The eyelid surgery, or medically called as blepharoplasty has been done on Hyomin’s eyelids.

    As we can see in her comparison photos, her today’s eyelids appear more lifted and more open. On the other hand, her former eyelids showed the opposite fact. She had had slanted eyes shape. Hyomin should thank her plastic surgeon for giving such drastic changes on her eyelids appearance.

  2. Hyomin Nose Job

    You probably won’t be surprised hearing that the nose job or the rhinoplasty procedure was on her. You may see that this procedure has been done in a small dosage. Hyomin seemed to be wise enough in taking the nose job procedure. She didn’t overdo it. As the result, she gets her nose well-refined.

  3. Hyomin Chin Surgery

    Another popular procedure among female plastic surgery patients is chin surgery. It’s not a secret if many of them get the surgery for aesthetic reason. Chin surgery surely taken by those who have a wide and large shape on chin or jaw area. Many women also took this method to get the V-line facial shape.

    Back to Hyomin’s chin, you would easily find that she got her chin became smaller than what she used to have. Chin reduction or jaw shaving is the most possible procedure she had. We all can see how her chin is one of the most prominent parts that changed her face appearance. What do you think?

    Thanks to her plastic surgery, Hyomin appears as if she is different person today. Some people maybe will shock after looked at Hyomin’s before after plastic surgery photos. How about you? Please don’t think that it is a different person in the pictures, it’s all Hyomin T-ara.

    She is not the only Korean idols who shock public with cosmetic surgery. There are other female Korean stars like Kim Ah Joong and Kim Taeyeon who drastically changed with plastic surgery.

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