Expert Confirming Kris Kardashian Plastic Surgery and the Effect of Her New Look

For a while did not show up, almost all showbiz media talked about Kris Kardashian plastic surgery. Kris’ new look shocked everyone who saw her. There are some changes in her face. For woman in her age, she looks younger. Kris admitted that she had plastic surgery. Well, perhaps it is normal since she also did facelift before attending her daughter wedding. After Kris did the plastic surgery, let’s hear what experts say.

Kris Kardashian plastic surgery
Kris Kardashian plastic surgery

Noticing the new appearance after Kris Kardashian plastic surgery, the changes in her look is not only few. Besides doing plastic surgery, Kris also did some injections and Botox. Those treatments are done to her face. Famous plastic surgeon confirmed that Kris has exclusively done the surgery and successfully recovered now. This plastic surgery is not the first plastic surgery for Kris. She has done the similar surgery before. Kris is already beautiful woman. Therefore many people keep asking why Kris should do plastic surgery. Some claim that perhaps Kris is a successful business woman so she needs to look fresher by having well-treated body.

Regarding to her surgery, the thing can be definitely seen is the Kris’ cheeks. It becomes more plumped. Her skin also looks way smoother. Kris Kardashian plastic surgery has successfully made Kris has apple cheeks. They look fuller and much more youthful. Now, when she stands right beside her daughter, perhaps she will look like her sister. There is almost no different.

Dr. Steve Fallek, the best plastic surgeon in New York also agreed that Kris Kardashian plastic surgery also did Botox treatment. The injections are done around her eyes and mouth. Chemical peeling is also included to make her skin looks like porcelain. Now the wrinkles on Kris’ face are disappeared. Therefore, the face skin looks fuller because some of skin’s parts have been lifted.

If you think that Kris Kardashian plastic surgery is too much, you are probably right. The face looks different than before, especially her cheek, lips, and nose. Even Doctor Back, a plastic surgeon said that perhaps Kris will get her body getting filler in every of few months. It is because plastic surgeons said the effectiveness for the fillers only last for six to nine months. Comparing the before and after Kris’ pictures will show us how much the changes are. Therefore, there is no rule saying that plastic surgery is restricted. So anything she does for her body is tolerated.

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